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Did Yaya Mayweather endanger newborn son Kentrell Jr’s life at yacht party? Angry fans say ‘call child services’

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The Mayweather family can’t seem to get enough of the newest addition to their clan. Kentrell Jr Kentrell, the son of Yaya Mayweather and NBA YoungBoy, was born in January 2021, but the young toddler is already living a life that many can only dream of. Did you know he just got his first Rolex watch before he can even read time?

Yes, his grandfather – Floyd Mayweather just gifted him gold Rolex for his tiny wrist and now, he is on a lavish yacht trip, vacationing in Miami, with the family.

On Monday, Yaya and her mother Melissia Rene, went live on Instagram to give a peek of their fabulous lives to their followers. In the clip, baby Kentrell can be seen wrapped up in a blanket and being held by his mother, while she is dancing standing on the edge of a couch on the yacht. 


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Although Melissa was cheering her daughter and grandson while they were having fun, Internet users were not pleased. Many users felt that Yaya was endangering the life of her baby by standing on the edge of a couch on the yacht and dancing dangerously while holding her baby without any support. 

A user tweeted, “Not the baby on the yacht this b*tch done lost her mind.” Another user wrote, “Yaya is literally standing on a seat with a newborn on a boat. What part of that sounds like a good idea?” “Folks are mad about yaya knocking a song……I’m sorry I can’t focus on that, I’m too distracted by her standing on a chair, by the railing on a yacht, HOLDING HER NEWBORN who she decided to bring out to a lil PARTY in a PANDEMIC. Lord please cover that child,” commented a concerned user.



Many users were also furious over the new mother risking her child’s health by taking him out during the pandemic. A user shared, “Yaya Mayweather don’t got anyone around her with enough common sense to tell her she shouldn’t be standing in the middle of a moving sea vessel with her unsecured newborn baby in her arms whilst also not being secured to anything herself… not to mention in a PANDEMIC?! oh ok.”

Another user too echoed similar thoughts with, “I know YaYa doesn’t have all her marbles …. but do you really have your newborn baby on a yacht with a bunch of people in the middle of a pandemic ???????” “Idk why Yaya Mayweather had that newborn baby on a damn yacht! Somebody call child services,” expressed a user.




Yaya has recently opened up about her motherhood journey on her social media. During an Instagram Live session, when one of her followers asked her about how her new life as a mother was, the 20-year-old gushed about being the “happiest” she’s ever been. She said, “How’s mom life? It’s amazing so good I love being a mother. I’m honestly the happiest I’ve ever been like ever, it’s just amazing.” 

Not just that, she also recently flaunted the gold watch for her son on Instagram Stories saying, “KJ’s papa got him his first Rolex.” Catch a glimpse of the watch here:


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